Paint Your Walls In Two Tones

Combine stripes with another styles, from a modern and contemporary feel to classic and rustic, the effect on each is different but just as interesting.

You don’t have to keep the room neutral to put some texture on the walls, you can fill your space with elements that combine and contrast with the stripes and design.

Tip. Add two or more decorative accessories in the space that match the colors you used on the stripes. The goal is to coordinate the room without overloading it.

The feel of your room depends on the colors you choose and how you organize your stripes. Here are some examples:


Vertical lines lengthen walls. Vertical lines can make social areas in a house feel taller and more spacious.

Combining two strong colors like green and turquoise or salmon and brown, will create an energetic environment that might work well in children’s bedrooms.

Stripes walls decoration  image

Images: ElleDecor  Pinterest  Hgtv  Chic-Deco


Stripes walls decoration  image

Images: Bhg   CasaSugar


Horizontal lines will make the walls looks thicker and tend to create a focal point in the room, especially if you use them in hallways.

An original effect you can achieve with horizontal lines using gradients, from a stronger tone to a lighter, top to bottom or vice versa. The same color in different shades like the picture below, the result is quite fantastic.

Stripes walls decoration  image

Image. TakeSunset  Pinterest  BudgetWiseHome  PinkWallpaper


Sandy tones, beige, white and wispy gray combine well with each other to add a subtle texture in a room and create a warm and calming feel.

Stripes walls decoration  image

Image. Pinterest  Houzz  Cdn  Centsationalgirl


Zigzag lines create movement. You can paint them in different thicknesses, the same size, or as a border painting only half of the wall.

Stripes walls decoration  image

 Image. Danielfriedmandesign  DesignSponge


Sometimes a single line is enough to obtain reliable results.  A color below and one above makes an interesting balance, dividing the wall and highlighting the chandalier.

halpainted walls image

Image. Remodelista   DesignSponge


Six original painting ideas:

1. Colored squares.  Pinterest

2. Painting the edges of wall panels with a metallic tone. Citifield

3. Shelves can work like lines, breaking bright color wall up and adding some texture. Houzz

4. Framing walls with color. Houzz

5. Paint the panels in different colors in wooden panel walls. Luxinteriordesigns

6. Stripes on the ceiling, I love it! Decorpad
paint ideas walls decor image

 Which color combination do you like more?

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