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Modern Mobiles

Modern mobiles Image

Modern mobiles Image

Modern mobile Image

Modern mobiles ImagePhotos via. 1. Modern geometric sculpture  /2. Twisted Disk Copper Mobile / 3. Artecnica Themis mobile 

A few months ago I helped with a charity event, the YWCA Gala, I saw a mobile from a local artist in the auction that caught my eye. All the different materials and colors of this beautiful mobile looked great hanging from the high ceiling of the ballroom. Since then I have had the idea of making a mobile of my own for our house someday. These three different mobile designs have really inspired me, the geometric one is so stylish and minimalistic. The one made with copper is modern and looks so light, I could see it as a great accessory in my living room. Even though it is really different from the other two mobiles I love how colorful and fun the other one is.

I really want to make one of these soon! Any tips or ideas on mobile making?

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