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Thanksgiving Fun Decorations

Thanksgiving Decorations Image

Thanksgiving is about sharing with the people we love, but also about being grateful for the things we have. I love how thanksgiving is all about giving and being thankful, why not use that awesome thanksgiving feeling to give some extra thanks to the decorations in your home as well?  Hanging notes of gratitude around the house for your loved ones to find, writing beautiful quotes on chalkboards or sharing cute gifts with the family that by the way, would also look beautiful on the thanksgiving dinner table, it’s all about the small things. Remember it’s the thought that counts, but a little extra never hurts.
These are some of my favorite thanksgiving decorations so far, they aren’t too serious and have a lot of colors, just like I like it. Some of these ideas are made for kids, but honestly I like them more than some of the more traditional decorations, and who says we can’t have fun just cause we’re not children anymore. I want to celebrate and give thanks my way, and my way apparently is just like this, please please please!!

Thanksgiving decorations Image

Thanksgiving decorations Image

Thanksgiving decorations Image

Thanksgiving favor Image

Happy friday! Any plans for the weekend?

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