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DIY Inspiration: Washi Tape Projects

Washi Tape DIY Project Image

I’m obsessed with all the things I can make with washi tape, all the different designs and colors you can find are amazing and they look beautiful in all kinds of crafts. These are some of my favorite ideas. Have fun decorating vases, clothespins, walls, pencils, keyboards, flower pots and all sorts of other things!

*Photos. Utterlyengaged / Inreda / pencilshavingstudio / 30smagazine / hernewleaf / Bhg

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2 Responses

  1. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    Washi tape is fun! I’ve yet to do anything with it, but I dream about it in my head. The keyboard looks like mine =) I really like the pot! Genius!

  2. onel says:

    I love the pot too!! The wall and keyboard might be a little bit daring for me, but I sure would love to try that someday! Is there a link to the bicycle one? That is insanely cute!

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