Blue & Green Christmas

Color palette blue and green Images

COLOR BITES FOR YOUR LIFE / HIX (from top to bottom)

 #015E70    /    #02E1F0    /    #A4DED0   /    #405423     /    #8DAF1D     /      #D0CECF

 Blue and Green Christmas rocks! I have been fan of blue since I moved to Asheville, for some reason I see a lot of designs and houses in green and blue tones around town that make me feel like I want those colors in my house too. So different than in Tabasco, Mexico where I used to see bright oranges and yellows and some other tropical tones around the city. Blues and greens are not quite the same but equally as beautiful, and when used as Christmas colors are just fantastic!

I chose two of my favorite color combos for Christmas centerpieces and table decorations.

Let the color in your home and hearts this Holiday season!

Color palette green and blue images

COLOR BITES FOR YOUR LIFE / HIX (from top to bottom)

 #04B1D5   /    #64ADA6    /    #BDEEFA   /    #BCCF46     /    #E7FACE     /      #C7C3B4

*Photos.   Midwest Living // Bhg

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