Guest Post: Rolling With The Rolls

Hello guys this is Eugenia Sincovich from iNetGiant. Eugenia is sharing with us some great tips to make pretty stuff using toilet paper rolls. Check them out!


If you like arts and crafts like me, when you see a perfectly good cardboard roll after the toilet paper ran out, you see potential. Well, so did a lot of people and decided to take action! I will show you some really cool stuff that can come from a cylinder, some paint and lots of creativity.

Tiny Planters For Lentil Sprouts

A nice way to decorate the kitchen area is to grow lentil sprouts. It takes just a few days and it looks really pretty.

Keep those cardboard rolls and set them up in some sort of container like a cardboard box. If you end up finding something circular, even better! So you can stuff the cylinders and they will fit perfectly. Otherwise, a square-shaped box will also do.

Set absorbent paper in the base and place the rolls standing up, fill them with a mix of dirt and sand (a little from a sandbox will do just fine!). Bury lentils at about a quarter inch of depth and about an eighth of an inch apart from each other. Splash a little water every day, not too much since the sand and the dirt will keep the humidity.

In a couple of days you’ll see the beautiful looking sprouts. They only last for a couple of weeks so you need to replant the lentils; it only takes about 5 minutes and it looks great!

crafts for toilet paper rolls images

Storage And Untangling Heaven

Everybody has that drawer or bag, full of computer and phone cables, headphones, extension cords and a lot of things that look like one big electronics spaghetti dish, right?

When you need to use one of them, not only you need to first figure out which one is which, but you also have to untangle the mess to free it!

Take all those cardboard rolls you’ve been saving like I suggested, and find a shoe box to contain them. There you’ll be able to place each of the cables in its own space.

You can even decorate the rolls, paint them and even label each one with the cable or piece they’re holding. Rolls can also be used to contain extension cords to also avoid tangling.

Rolling with the Rolls2

Pixel Art

This is a fun trend for decorating. Pixel art is basically drawings that can be made out from a certain distance and not so much from up close, since the shape will be divided into big blocks of sorts (pixels). It’s a way of simplifying shapes that are still recognizable.

In the following photo you can see Pixel-Elmo, Pixel-Sponge Bob. It can also just be a person or a thing, you just need to find the pattern. It will usually entail solid color so you would need to paint the rolls before you put the picture together.

Rolling with the Rolls3


By simply cutting the rolls with scissors you will create oval shaped pieces. The pressure of the scissors alone will do the work. You might need to reinforce that with your fingers, but not that much, it will just sharpen the edges, to give it a slicker look.

With those ovals, you can make wonderful shapes such as the one on the next photo.

You only need to figure out a pattern that will work for you. You can paint them and stick them together with glue or tape. After the work is done, you can varnish it to make it stronger so it lasts a long time.

Rolling with the Rolls4

About the author:

Eugenia Sincovich is an Argentinean writer that can’t seem to stay in one place! She loves everything that reminds her that she’s alive and does her best to convey those feelings into her texts. She currently writes for iNetGiant.

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  1. gina says:

    what a great collection! I was drawn in the with sprouts but the wall art is incredible!

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  5. This is very colourfull and creative.

  6. Hey Eugeniais, thanks for sharing these great tips to make pretty stuff using toilet paper rolls.

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