Color Bite #7: Jellycious and Multicolored

Acrylic colorful design

Color mood: Jelly looking items make me feel hungry!

I’m blogging from a new table, a new chair on a new floor and with a new view, I’m finally in my new home! I want to celebrate this new beginning with something pretty and ooh so yummy. I have a serious obsession with jelly looking items, nom nom nom.

  1. Put some multi colored jello cubes in a glass with a little bit of eggnog, best thing ever. Have you ever tried it? Believe me, you’ll get hooked!
  2. I have always wondered if plastic dresses would make you sweat, have you? This one is really cute. Holly Fulton Spring 2013 Collection is full of colors and fun patterns.
  3. Having a place to put magazines and books is the best. I am hunting for the perfect coffee table, it’s so hard. This one designed by Karim Rashid looks like something I would love in my living room.
  4. Recycling is awesome! I recently pinned a bunch of great DIY ideas of light fixtures made from old plastic bottles, they are and look amazing.

I’m so happy in our new city. I will share some picture from our traveling soon! 😉 Enjoy your weekend. Xoxo, Elba

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