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Killer Color Combo: CMY

Killer Color Combo Blue Yellow and Pink

Is there anything more annoying than an unexpected visit to the mechanic?

I wore this colorful outfit last Saturday supposedly to go to the movies with my husband. Just after we started driving we realized that something was wrong with the tire pressure with one of the tires on my car. There was not just one but TWO NAILS in my tires! Lucky for us it was still early so we just drove directly to the closest mechanic. I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in the lobby at the mechanic waiting for my car to be fixed, wearing white pants. Something about white pants and mechanics, they just don’t go well together.

Killer Color Combo Blue Yellow and Pink

I’ve had these white pants since I was in college, I love how they look with a bright bold t-shirt. I also found this turquoise sweater under the mess while I was organizing my closet last week, I was so happy, I forgot it existed. They work great together, the contrast is so appealing and cheerful. I went with hot pink shoes to continue the fun color palette, I love these three together, I didn’t expect they would look so great in an outfit.

Killer Combo Details:

T-Shirt (Color: Yellow) Jones New York  / Sweater (Color: Blue) Alex Marie / Pants (Color: White) Zara  / Shoes (Color: Hot Pink) NineWest / Necklace (Colors: Rainbow) Vintage / Handbag (Color: Rainbow) Lily Bloom

Killer Color Combo Blue Yellow and Pink

Killer Color Combo Blue Yellow and Pink

My mom just gave the necklace, isn’t it adorable?

We spent our Saturday at the mechanic but my car was fixed which is always great. How was your weekend? What do you think about this color combo? – Xo, Elba

17 Responses

  1. Corina Nika says:

    Killer combo indeed!
    I would say something like CMYK only CMYW!

  2. Lillibit says:

    Qué guapa! Me gusta tu look. En especial el bolso y, como no, las uñas 😉
    Un besito ♥

  3. Mrs. ShuGar says:

    You look adorable! I am in love with these colors. I love when you discover “new” things in your closet. It makes it feel bright and shiny. I think those pink shoes are a great touch. I just love your whole look…definitely killer color combo! Hope you got your car fixed it. What a pain!

  4. Totally a killer combo. It’s the perfect yellow, perfect blue and perfect pink. Are those nail strips or some awesome polish?

    Come enter my Beauty & Jewelry $400 Giveaway!

  5. janika R says:

    Love your dress and nails too. They are too colorful and you are looking super gorgeous.


  6. lorena pose says:

    Me encanta tu look, que divina estás… me encanta la gente atrevida y original como tú!! preciosa la combinación de colores y ese colgante libelula, me ha vuelto loca de amorrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  7. Claudya says:

    I adore the necklace and you have great hair.

  8. Maggie A says:

    Such beautiful vibrant colors :)

    Maggie A

  9. xfallenmoon says:

    oh my goodness. what a lovely color block mix. i especially like the blue and pink.

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