Kids Books We Love: My Colorful Chameleon

My Colorful Chameleon. Kids Books We Love | Live Colorful

I got a copy of  My Colorful Chameleon written by Leonie Roberts and illustrated by Mike Byrne a few days ago and my son loved the story so much that he woke up at 6 am the day after we got the book in the mail to read it again! He thinks it’s so funny that the chameleon keeps hiding, and that they are always looking for her. “Ella es tan cool y tiene muchos colores!” That’s what he said, yes, I told him, chameleons are so unique, and colorful!

My Colorful Chameleon. Kids Books We Love | Live Colorful


The story is funny, creative and with a great message about appreciating everyone the way they are, even if they are different, we are all unique in our own way.

What’s the story about?

The story is about a girl that has a chameleon as pet. Her mom gets angry because they keep losing the chameleon around the house and spend hours looking for her. The little girl gets in trouble in school when her pet gets lost during show and tell, so they decide to take her pet to the veterinary and ask why she keeps changing colors! The veterinary explains that this is the way chameleons are, they change colors to stay safe and out of sight, and that’s what makes them incredible. He gave them advice about how to look for her chameleon around the house, by looking for the eyes that are always moving. After listening to the veterinary they get so happy to have such an amazing creature in their house.

My Colorful Chameleon. Kids Books We Love | Live Colorful

My Colorful Chameleon. Kids Books We Love | Live Colorful

You can get a copy of this cute book on Amazon here: My Colorful Chameleon. I’m sure your kids would love the story too!

My Colorful Chameleon. Kids Books We Love | Live Colorful

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    Thank you for your support!

  2. TIXE says:

    Thanks Angela, pleased you like it x

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  5. I am quite fond of the illustration, nice and sketchy but also great colour.

  6. A wonderful post and a good word. Sometimes we even waste our time and energy on several masks. Like chameleons. Masks only prevent us from discovering our true selves. May we be who God has created us to be for it is then we will be the most purposeful and fill His purposes for us. Grateful to have stopped here this morning!

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