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Say Yes to Colorful Nails! My New Nail Wraps Obsession

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Jamberry nail wraps review. Love the patterns! | Live Colorful

You guys know that I love helping women and moms with their businesses and projects. I’m a huge advocate of finding a passion and making money out of it, and if you can make it work while you stay at home and raise your kids even better!

So when a friend from Mexico, that now lives in Boston, shared with me her new adventure as Jamberry consultant, I got really excited for her. She wanted me to try the Jamberry nail wraps, and I agreed happily because I couldn’t resist the idea of patterned nails, plus as a busy mom, I really need the ZERO dry time and long-lasting wear without chipping, peeling or fading!

Jamberry nail wraps review. Love the patterns! | Live Colorful

She sent me two different nail wrap designs. The first design that I applied wasn’t a total success. I used my dryer to heat the wraps, and that made the process a bit hard. The good thing was that the designs looked great, and that was enough to get me excited about trying again. So, I got a kit with all the tools I needed for a correct application, including the Jamberry heater and wow! the process the second time was easier than ever.

Jamberry nail wraps review. Love the patterns! | Live Colorful

The designs don’t cover my nails completely, but they honestly look pretty good from far away, and even if you get closer. I applied the nail wraps like 5 days ago and they still look complete.

If you ever want to try them, please let me know, or check out my friend’s consultant site here for information and help. She video called me and helped me through the whole process, which was super helpful.

Jamberry nail wraps review. Love the patterns! | Live Colorful

Find Out What’s Trending This Fall

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This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create new and special content like this for Live Colorful.

Discover the latest fashion fall trends with Macy's Fashion Front Row events | Live Colorful

One of the nicest things about living in California, is the weather. It’s never too cold, and almost never too hot. That gives me the opportunity to play with a lot of layers all year round, especially during fall.

Besides being able to use boots and jackets free of guilt, I love the smells and colors that nature inspires during this season. It’s something warm, cozy but really stylish.

I’m excited to find out more about the newest fall fashion trends this year. Macy’s is hosting this amazing Fashion Front Row shopping party with music, fun and the latest looks from our favorite designers. There will be events all over the country!

I’ll be at Macy’s Valley Fair (Santa Clara, CA) this Saturday September 17th at 2:00 pm, to enjoy the shopping party and catch a fashion presentation hosted by the founder of Girl With Cures, Tanesha Awasthi, and style expert Caroline Rooney. I read that there is going to be a DIY necklace station! If you live near by, come and say hello :) I’ll be sharing more about it through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I can’t wait to find out more about the trends related to colors and prints for this season. I keep wanting to add fresh earthy colored pieces to my wardrobe.

RSVP to your local Macy’s store to enjoy the shopping party. Find a party near you here. The events are free!

Handmade in Mexico: Summer Essentials

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If you follow us on Instagram, you may already have noticed that we are obsessed with Mexican handcrafts and designs. There is something unique about them that catches our attention. We believe that the vibrant colors and prints are one of the main reasons, but we also think that the charisma, the richness of the culture and the warmth of the people make this special connection even stronger.

So every time we have an opportunity to travel through Mexico, we love talking with the artisans about their inspiration and techniques. We really enjoy getting to know more about the process, and we enjoy buying these handmade in mexico crafts and designs as well. Every time we come back home with new handmade goodies, and share them on Instagram or Facebook, we receive emails asking about where they can get them. So we decided to start looking for online stores with products we believe that you guys will love. And also because we know they will fill your day with joy!

Beautiful fashion accessories, shoes and handbags handmade in Mexico by different artisans from around the country. |

And our first picks are inspired by summer! We curated some beautiful fashion accessories, shoes and handbags handmade in Mexico by different artisans from around the country. Check them out:

  1. These amazing hand embroidered shoes made in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. 
  2. Hand embroidered sandals made by indigenous women from the Sierra Norte, Puebla, Mexico. 
  3. We love these tennis shoes with bold and colorful embroidery Chiapaneco. 
  4. A gorgeous copper necklace with hand-painted details inspired by Mexican patterns.
  5. The details in these pendants are amazing.
  6. The coolest necklaces ever! Calaveritas full of color by.
  7. The awesome and original Acapulco chair.
  8. A multipurpose handbag with a stunning mexican pattern.
  9. Amazing backpacks with embroidered details made in Chiapas, Mexico.
  10. A super colorful clutch perfect for summer.
  11. We love the pompoms and we love the colors in this fun clutch!
  12. Plush cotton sweatshirt full of color and beautiful mexican patterns.
  13. This fun modern t-shirt made from a mexican huipil.
  14. Another gorgeously embroidered huipil with turquoise details.The color combination is lovely and fresh.