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27 Amazing Day of the Dead Ideas

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Dia de los Muertos celebrations start tomorrow! and for all of you that are still looking for ideas to decorate a party, or to make your altar or ofrenda, we create this recap post with the coolest Day of the Dead decorations, DIY projects and other fun craft ideas and treats that we found on the internet.

Check out these 27 Amazing Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos) ideas! | Live Colorful

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  5. Make Punched Paper o Papel Picado with Colored Paper Sheets. The letter size sheets of paper are just the perfect size to make bright papel picado.
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  27. Day of the Dead printable stickers that the kids can color and use to decorate everything they want!

More ideas and inspiration here. Have fun!

The Easiest Way to Decorate Chocolate Skulls for Day of the Dead

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The easiest way to make your own calaveritas de chocolate for Dia de los Muertos! | Live Colorful

We are a few days away from Halloween and the Day of the Dead celebrations. That put us in the mood of making a super fun and easy tutorial show you how to make and decorate chocolate skulls using a different kind of candy!



  • 3D Sugar skulls mold (Similar to the one we got on a local store)
  • White chocolate (500 grams)
  • Candy, chocolate chips, colored edible confetti


1. Melt about 90% of the white chocolate in a double boiler carefully. Check the temperature regularly. Turn off the stove when you get a liquid chocolate consistency.

2. Pour the white chocolate in your skull molds, do it slowly and carefully. Then put your chocolate skulls in the refrigerator.

3. Wait one or two hours until yours skulls feel firm.

4. With the white chocolate leftovers, do the same as step # 1. When the chocolate is ready, pour it into a small container and use it to glue the candy.

5. Have fun decorating the chocolate skulls!

Check out the tutorial that we made last year, it’ll explain more in detail how we made the chocolate skulls. We decorated them with melted white chocolate painted with food coloring. It was fun!

How to Make Chocolate Skulls for Day of the Dead

Learn how to make chocolate skulls inspired by the Day of the Dead in 5 easy steps! |

Learn how to make chocolate skulls inspired by the Day of the Dead in 5 easy steps! |


More Day of the Dead projects and ideas here. 

What Are the Traditional Colors of the Day of the Dead?

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El Día de los Muertos se celebra de muchas maneras diferentes alrededor del mundo, pero la esencia suele ser la misma. Lo que hace especial esta tradición es dedicar esos días a recordar a nuestros difuntos con amor, cariño y muchos colores! Descubre algunas formas de incorporar esta bonita fiesta con toda tu familia. |

Celebrate the departed with an ofrenda is a very old Mexican tradition that had passed from generation to generation. It goes back to approximately 1800 years B.C., when it was customary to bury the dead with offerings that include jewelry, crafts, food, beverages and some of their favorite personal items.

The tradition has evolved over the years, and every community in Mexico has adopted different features of the festival. That’s why you’ll find many variations of Día de los Muertos in colors, meanings and elements of the altars.

We have learned about the tradition from my Grandparents that grew up in Mexico City. We also adopted elements from Tabasco, Mexico, where we grew up.

I think our favorite part of the tradition is its complexity, and the opportunity to be creative when decorating the altar or ofrenda. We also love the fact that even when Day of the Dead sounds like a sad tradition, is celebrated in a joyful and colorful way! The reason is that in most Mesoamerican cultures death did not represent the end of life, but the beginning of a new way to exist.

The traditional colors of Dia de los Muertos are bright, vibrant and cheerful. This colorful palette is created with the use of multicolored papel picado and lots of marigolds around the streets and cemeteries of all the cities in Mexico. 

Although the meaning of the colors for the ofrenda of Día de los Muertos may vary in each community, some of the most used and which characterize the tradition are:


It represents the power of light and life. It also evokes the sun, which in the Aztec tradition, it is believed to guided the souls of the dead. The traditional marigold flower is what adds this yellow color to the decorations.Marigold petals are also used to make pathways, to guide the dead to their ofrendas.


It represents the Christian mourning. When the Spaniards arrived in America in the sixteenth century, they brought similar celebrations to Dia de los Muertos, where the dead were remembered on All Saints’ Day. When they brought Christianity to Mexico, a syncretism that mixed European and pre-Hispanic traditions was born, creating the current Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos tradition and adding the purple color in the decorations symbolizing the Christian mourning.


It refers to the pre hispanic religion and the Tlillan, the place of blackness, and Mictlan, the place of the dead.


It means light, innocence and purity. It is also used as a representation of the sky.