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Live Colorful Day of the Dead Crafts Featured in Parents Latina Magazine

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Live Colorful Day of the Dead Crafts Featured in Parents Latina Magazine

A few months ago I received an email from a lifestyle director inviting me to collaborate with Parents Latina magazine and Family Fun magazine on a few projects inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration. I remember reading through the email and thinking that it must be a small collaboration for their website, but it ended up being an actual feature in the printed edition of Parents Latina magazine and Family Fun magazine!

We worked together for a couple of weeks. Sending emails back and forth with ideas, inspirational boards, sketches, drafts and photos of the actual finished projects.

Their team was amazing and really helpful! I remember the day I had to send the finished products to their offices in New York for the photoshoot. I was exhausted that morning because I had to stay up late the night before, finishing all the details on the sugar-skull pillows and then as you can imagine, my motherhood responsibilities woke me up at 6am! I survived the morning in Jaxon’s class with tons of coffee. That afternoon I put Jaxon in his crib hoping he would take a nap, but he didn’t love the idea.

It’s funny, but I was so scared the mini paper nichos were going to get ruined inside the box, so I packed them inside some tupperware next to the memory card game and tons of tissue paper. I also watched a youtube video about how to pack artwork to make sure I was as protecting the tissue paper transfer art piece.

Some pictures of the projects before finishing them below:

Live Colorful Day of the Dead Crafts Featured in Parents Latina Magazine


Live Colorful Day of the Dead Crafts Featured in Parents Latina Magazine


Live Colorful Day of the Dead Crafts Featured in Parents Latina Magazine


Live Colorful Day of the Dead Crafts Featured in Parents Latina Magazine

  • ABOVE. The tissue-paper transfer art piece took me a long time! I had to figure out a way to make the project easy to make for the kids, but when I got the perfect material and created the template everything was fun and simple!  Find the DIY tutorial and template here: 4 Fun Day of the Dead Crafts for Kids

I wish I had a picture of me walking from the parking lot to the USPS offices. I put Jaxon in a stroller and on top of the stroller, a humongous box. I maneuver like an expert with one hand, trying to protect Jaxon’s head from the box and holding the tissue paper transfer art piece in the other hand. I’m sure it was hilarious to watch from far away.

Two days ago, I finally met Grace Bastidas, the editor of Parents Latina and Ser Padres at the #WeAllGrowFamilia conference in Los Angeles. We talked about the collaboration and she gave me a copy of the Parents Latina issue with all the projects I created. It felt great to see the projects in print after putting so much work into them.

Live Colorful Day of the Dead Crafts Featured in Parents Latina Magazine

I invite you to check out the 4 Day of the Dead Crafts for Kids that I created on the Parents Latina website. You can also find some templates there and all the instructions to create something amazing with your kids.

It makes my heart smile when I think about the Day of the Dead as the inspiration behind the projects I created. Seeing the pictures of the projects brings back memories of my childhood. I can see my mom, beside me, while I hold scissors, glue, felt and paper, and together creating memories while we talk about abuelito and tia rosa.

Dia de los Muertos is special because of the meaning behind the tradition, but also the colors. It connects with me on a deep level, because just like live colorful, day of the dead is all about celebrating life and cherishing the moments we spend with the people we love, even if they are not with us anymore.

Live Colorful Featured in Family Fun October/November 2017

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Live Colorful featured in Family Fun

I  have some exciting news! I worked on a few Day of the dead inspired projects with FamilyFun magazine a few months ago, and one of them was featured in the magazine this fall!

Being able to collaborate with such an amazing magazine was a fulfilling experience. I’m a huge fan of their creative projects! They keep me inspired and busy every season, so as you can imagine, it was really hard to keep this collaboration a secret.

Live Colorful featured in Family Fun

Page 24, making memories, is what you are looking for! It’s a sugar skull DIY artwork created with tissue paper and water. You can can download the printable to make your own sugar skull artwork on the FamilyFun site. Don’t forget to get your copy this fall! I promise you won’t regret it.

For more fun ways to celebrate Day of the Dead you need to check out the October/November issue of FamilyFun sister magazine, Parents Latina. I created three extra fun craft projects with them this fall. I’m sure you will love them too!

Survey Results. It’s Time to Create!

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Live Colorful Studio.  Elba Valverde

This weekend was hopeful for many of us who believe in a country guided by kindness and acceptance. It was a reminder that we are together, and that when we unite, we can achieve great things. I want that for Live Colorful too. To create a community of dreamers, makers, artists, color lovers, who are always in a search of a better version of the world and themselves.  

Friday night, I sat down to draw a quote related to the march on Saturday in my journal. That quote ended up looking unintentionally like a woman raising her arm in a white dress, with a heart on her chest.

Love is the Movement. Live Colorful

It’s funny, because I didn’t realized that it looked like that until my husband pointed it to me hours later. My plan was to make just the quote, but then I drew something I didn’t like on one side, so I decided to cover all the edges with paint. Thinking about what I decided to make, and how it ended up looking. It made me feel like art journaling is indeed, helping me process my thoughts and emotions.

I started an art journal at the end of 2016, without knowing that one of the scariest things in my life was about to happen just a few days after. I had a car accident three days before New Year’s Eve. I felt how my world was shaken and I have found a way to heal fear and anxiety in paint, watercolors, ink and markers.

Art Journaling Love. Live Colorful Studio

Some people, like myself, find regular journal writing difficult to maintain. But art journaling comes easy, and even relaxing and fun.

A few days ago I created a survey for my Instagram community to get to know what they would they like to see more in the blog. These were the options:

  1. PERSONAL POSTS AND LIFESTYLE. vegan colorful recipes, cruelty-free beauty, art projects, motherhood tips, everyday inspiration.
  2. ART, JOURNALING, AND MOTIVATION. Art supplies reviews and recommendations, art techniques, sketchbook, journaling, quotes, doodles, daily inspiration.
  3. BLOGGING TIPS. I can share my tricks about how to make creative videos, take colorful photos, styling and product photography, blogging and things like that.

I was honestly surprised that the most popular option was indeed art journaling, motivation, and art techniques. My heart smiled when I saw the answer because it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about right now. It’s giving me positive results, and it’s making me feel creative everyday.

Live Colorful Survey 2017

I believe art journaling can be therapeutic. I’m loving it because it helps me process my thoughts. It also allows me to practice, learn, mess up and try again art and illustration techniques without the pressure of making it perfect. I believe that my art journal is a safe and forgiving place. A place without expectations and rules.

You guys also told me that you prefer content in English, and that videos in YouTube were your favorite way to learn.

Thanks so much for your support. I’m excited to share more about these topics with you, so we can make colorful messes together! Subscribe to the blog or follow us on Instagram for new adventures 😉