Recycle Pegboard

If you find a piece of pegboard, you can use it as a blackboard for notes. Remember that you can hang a lot of things and even tape or glue some without damaging your walls.

Recycle a Pegboard and organize

I needed somewhere to put a few photos and to paste my notes and sketches, I wanted to buy some boards for the office but I found this piece of pegboard on the street and decided to reuse it in my house. I loved the idea so I don’t dirty the walls.

Recycle a pegboard and organize

Here are some ideas:

1. You can lean it against the wall if you don’t want to hang it, place lights and photos.

2. You can paint it the color you like and make it fun for children.

3. You can use it in the kitchen and hang your collection of coffee cups.

4. Hang your tools, so you can find them easily.

5. Cut the piece into several parts and use them to frame photos or art.

Hope you like. Recycle and reuse everything you can! – Xo, Elba

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