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DIY: Children’s Car Mural

Hello! For all those who have children, nephews/nieces, little brothers and sisters, this mural can be used to decorate a child’s bedroom without using complicated drawing techniques!

A while back I designed a room for some twin boys in Mexico, Alan and Jesus were very excited about the idea of ​​having a themed room, the day they went shopping for furniture the two boys chose car-shaped beds they liked very much.

Considering that the two boys shared a bedroom, I decided to paint a mural on the wall where the furniture would be incorporated into the drawing and interact with it.

DIY: Children's Car Mural

The kids loved the fact that the mural made their beds seem like cars driving on the highway. Besides cars never go out of fashion, even my husband and my dad, they’re still one of their favorite things.

This design was actually very easy to draw and paint, I’m sure you can do the same thing in your child’s room without being an artist and not using complicated techniques.

All you need is paint with a semi-gloss finish in the following colors:

  • Black (the cactus spines)
  • White (lines of the road and clouds)
  • Green (Cactus)
  • Yellow Mustard (Mountains)
  • Blue (Sky)
  • Grey (Road)
Think about the size of your room so you do not buy too much paint, the colors that you will use  more are the sky blue, mustard yellow and gray. The other colors you can only buy a small amount just  for details.
You’ll need some other materials before starting to paint as well:
  • Pencil
  • Plastic
  • Masking tape 3 / 4 “
  • Brush
  • Economic tray
  • Roller
  • Thin brush
It is important to have a roller to paint large areas and a brush for the details.
  1. Start by deciding where you will place the beds.
  2. First draw the road, with the pencil draw lines in perspective that looks like a triangle but  without a point.
  3. In no particular order let yourself draw the mountains using curves from beginning to end of the wall.
  4. Cactus are drawn on the road in different sizes to match the perspective. From largest to smallest in the distance.
  5. Draw the dashed lines. These white lines are like the cactus, the bigger and thicker to the smaller and thinner. One way to make it easier is to draw perspective guide lines imitating the road. Notice the black lines in the following image:
DIY: Children's Car Mural
Since you have already marked everything with pencil you can pretty much just paint inside the lines. The road in gray, the sky in blue, mountains in mustard, cactus in green and dotted lines in white.
DIY: Children's Car Mural
  • You can make clouds with a sponge and some white paint. Before painting the clouds you must remove excess paint,  it is better to make the clouds little by little. Remember that the clouds are not solid and not perfect so do not be afraid to try.
  • You can add some spines to the cactus, use the thin brush to make the letter “V” like in the picture repeatedly and in various places.
DIY: Children's Car Mural
At the end of the process you will realize that you didn’t need to use complicated techniques, only draw some lines.
DIY: Children's Car Mural

I hope you can use this idea! Does your child like cars too? Xo, Elba

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