DIY: Turn Your Chips and Dip Plate Into a Centerpiece

Yesterday I really wanted to change the centerpiece in my dining room, I really love the idea of changing the decorations in my home whenever I have time and I’m in the mood to make some changes.

I found a chips and dip plate that we got for our wedding, it is one of my favorite gifts and truly makes me sad keeping it in the cabinet after using it with our guests. So I decided to use it as a centerpiece. When we have a party I can easily take it apart to use it, the idea is to make something very simple that looks nice and is easily removed.

DIY: Turn Your Chips and Dip Plate Into a Centerpiece

I used what I had around the house, you can do the same or be more extravagant if you want.


  • Silk flowers (or flowers, silk last longer, but natural flowers are always nice too)
  • Glass Vase
  • Decorative stones
  • Floating candle.

I found the glass vase in Waltmart a while ago at a very affordable price, I later discovered it goes perfectly in the dip bowl of the plate. If you can not find a vase the right size you can use a scented candle and placed it in the center of the serve ware, that’s what I’m going to do when I want to change the design again one of these days.

The flowers are placed one on top another just enough to hide the stems, I recommend you not to cut them because you can use them again somewhere else someday.

The decorative stones are one of my favorite things because they are calming to me, I always try to use them when I make centerpieces, you can find them in many sizes and mix them together to create different textures. FYI buy them in bulk at stores like Lowes or Home Depot, rather than arts and crafts stores, you’ll save big.

Another thing you could use would be some fruits on the side instead of flowers. The idea is to use what you have available at the time.

I hope you can find a plate that is just sitting in your cabinet collecting dust that you can put to good use as a centerpiece. Not to mention, it’s always good to save some money while making your house the beautiful home it should be. 

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