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DIY: How to Make your Own Interchangeable Pillow Covers

If you want to change the look of your room one day to the next, I recommend you check out one of my favorite techniques, it’s a quick and easy way to redecorate a space without spending a lot of money

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

When I want to make inexpensive changes in the decor of my house I prefer to modify only the decorative accessories such as printing new photos or art for the walls, changing family photos, using new kinds of flowers, etc., but one of my favorite things to do is making new cushions for the living room.

I always think of a style or go look for a texture that I like in a fabric store, I try to make new cushions in an easy way to avoid unding the ones that I already have at the time. Many times I just want to try something different without being too drastic, in the end I can always go back and use what I had before.

That day we wanted to re-decorate the room with “animal print”, we replaced some of the accessories with plants, feathers and other similar textures.

How to make some interchangeable pillow covers?

It all depends on the seams in the fabric.

The goal is to make new ones that you can place on the couch pillows that you already have in home.


  • No need to undue stitching.
  • You do not have to refill.
  • You do not need to find storage for your old pillows.
  • You only need some fabric and thread.
  • Can be easily removed for washing.

You have to use a strip of cloth, a rectangle.

I’ll show you with the photos how you should sew the sides of the fabric so you can have a better idea.

  • front

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

  • Back

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

TIP. Try to make the hem (fold) on all sides needed to prevent the edges from looking bad when you turn the fabric inside out.

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

  • This is what you should be seeing when you turn the fabric inside out. You must have an opening to insert the pillow.

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

  • This is the side where you can see the opening of the fabric, hide it by placing it back. The front should be completely seamless.

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

Here is the before and after:

DIY: Interchangeable Couch Pillows

It’s very easy and if one of these days you get bored of this style you can take them apart and use what you had before.

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