DIY: Pottery Class “Textures”

Use anything you find interesting or fun to make textures!

I am very excited about the pieces that I’ve done in my pottery class. All of them were handmade, with the help of a few sticks, the things around me at the time and my imagination, without the pottery wheel it seems much easier, but I would really like to try a pottery wheel one of these days to understand it better.

DIY: Pottery Class "Textures"

DIY: Pottery Class "Textures"

I discovered another of my passions in pottery, all the work and detail that you put in to it is certainly an  incredible form of artistic expression, I have come to understand it better and appreciate it more and more.


One tip I found in my experience with pottery is that you should not be afraid to experiment and don’t try to make things perfect, mistakes are always a beautiful and unimaginable accent.

I love making textures, I have tried many things that I have had around me at the time, for example, my bracelets, a popsicle stick, leaves, flowers, kitchen tools, rings, shells, etc..

To decorate my tables in the living room I made ​​these candle holders, they were one of my favorite pieces. Honestly I had some problems with the glazing process and I lost a lot of texture, but in the end I was delighted with the results because I love the organic and vintange look that they have now.

DIY: Pottery Class "Textures"

To make this design I drilled some circles, this tecnique is going to achieve a stunning effect when we light the candles, I love the idea of  the shine going out and forming circles on the walls.

Tip. The texture of this piece was made with a sea sponge. You only need to press hard with the sponge in the fresh clay. Cute no?

Another of my pieces is this small vase, the flowers, stems and leaves were made separately and attached before baking. Another tip to attach the ceramic figures can be found here:  Pottery without the wheel

DIY: Pottery Class "Textures"

My dog’s bowl is definitely my favorite piece. I just love all the texture, color,  shape and size.

Tip. The textures on this piece were made with a special stamp that you can buy at any craft store, there are plenty of them, you can even use the material you have at home to decorate cakes and make shapes in cookies.

DIY: Pottery Class "Textures"

I hope you can use some of these tips I’ve learned about pottery, I am not an expert on the subject but I know it’s always good to know more about things to understand them better, and it is always very exciting when you try something new.

Now, I need to go and buy a small plant for my new pot! xoxo Elba


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