Disco Party Decoration Ideas

Working in event design, I have had all kinds of clients with all kinds of themes for their dream party, Hawaiian, ethnic, animal print, rock, etc.., Everyone wants to be different from everyone else.

When I started designing quinceañera events in Mexico, what I enjoyed the most was the creativity required for each event. Theme based parties present a real opportunity to the designer allowing them to create a unique style while conveying the personalities, tastes, and interests of their clients.

Here are some tips to decorate your party in a “Disco” style

Disco Party Decorations

1. Choose an area to be the focal point. In this party the quinceañera wanted to dance on a stage so I used it as a focal point, but it could be the food area, the bar or just a wall where guests can take pictures.

2. Use retro accessories such as disco balls, lights, vinyl records, afros. Use bright colors like pink, purple, blue, green combined with metalics such as silver and gold.

3. Lights, lights and more lights. You can use Christmas lights for the ambiance that you have at home, there are even small disco balls that run on battery or electric and sold in supermarkets at reasonable prices.

4. You can use Christmas ornaments for decoration, paper lanterns and even jewelry at tables, hanging from the ceiling or going up the stairs.

5. Organize the party so the guests can be part of the theme, for example, the quinceañera danced to the song “Starship Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” from the movie “Mannequin”, it was awesome because we placed some mannequins on the stage and the party was part of the decoration, they weren’t two separate things.

You can listen to some disco music during the party. Disco might not be everyone’s favorite, but most people can at least enjoy it, and you have to admit, it does make you want to dance.

6. Use accessories on walls, ceilings, tables, anywhere that needs a little color.

7. Tell your guests to dress according to theme. This way, people will come prepared to have fun, appearance strongly influences how they feel coming to an event, nobody wants to be the guy wearing an AC-DC shirt at a disco party.

At this party we handed out at the entrance some colorful paper ties to the guys and big necklaces to the ladies, everyone was very excited, and it set a mood that said, ‘here, we’re ready to boogie’.

8. Hand out souvenirs while people are dancing. You can find all kinds of fun stuff, microphones, hats, necklaces, wigs, sunglasses, etc. Trust me, give someone a giant microphone, they’ll dance a lot more.

9. Include other elements at the table such as plates, glasses, cups, napkins, etc depending on the theme to complement the decor.

10. Attitude. Your guests will be love your event if you are having fun and you get excited about everything. Be happy!

Disco Party Decorations

Have fun, and decorate! I love themed parties!. -xoxo Elba

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  1. Very interesting and informative. I love to do these tricks in parties. 🙂

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