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DIY: Fall Wedding Signs

If you’re having an event with a “rustic theme” or in the fall, What do you think about using some tree trunk slices to make sign?

Fall Wedding Signs

Before Painting: If the wood is rough it’s going to be harder to paint, sand for a few minutes, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

What paint can I use? Acrylic paint is easy to use and dries quickly. You can add a layer of clear varnish to protect the wood and design.

Fall Wedding Signs

Some useful signs: Welcome (main entrance), buffet area, cake, restrooms, ceremony, gifts, bar, etc..

Tip. If it is a wedding, I love the idea of ​​using smaller tree trunk slices with Mr. and Mrs. hanging from the bride and groom chairs, or you can paint the name of the guest of honor for a birthday party.

Fall Wedding Signs

How can I make the fonts? There are some plastic font templates that are sold in most supermarkets and can help  as a guide but you can also freehand.

If you use pencil first you can see how it looks and if you mess up at some point you can always erase and start over. When you are ready, paint the lines with a thin brush once or twice.

You can use all the colors, fonts and designs you need to express the style of your event! – xoxo Elba

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  1. Jason says:

    Hello Elba. I love your site. You are very creative and I love your style. I want to make a sign for my girlfriend for her birthday. I want to carve on a circular cross-sectioned piece of wood that isn’t too dark so the stain on the letters can be seen. I have been looking everywhere around my area (I live in Southern California) to find a seller who sells a decent sized one (about the size of the piece of wood on the second picture where you are sanding it outside), but I cannot find anyone. Would you be able to give me some tips on who to contact or where to look in order for me to get my hands on one?

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