Monday Morning Pottery

I’m returning from a long day at the pottery workshop, every Monday morning I wake up with a lot of energy ready to do things, all kinds of things, sometimes I go running, gardening, drawing or decorating the house. This morning I did at least three of those things and best of all, it always makes me feel so good.

I consider myself addicted to change, perhaps for that reason I can not sit still for more than a few minutes without thinking about what I need to do or simply coming up with intricate stories in my mind.

My husband and I moved to Asheville, North Carolina from Tabasco, Mexico in February of this year, we have been in our new apartment about 8 months and I must confess that I change the look of each room at least twice a month. Sometimes just want to experiment with new techniques, other times I’m just bored.

In the past I’ve complained about my mom forcing us to help her move furniture, clean and organize the house whenever she felt like a change. Now that I’m married and have our own home, I have begun to understand her and even imitate her, I feel like I’m at home again with my parents.

My new adventure started several months ago when I decided to sign up for pottery classes when we moved to the States, no doubt it was one of my best ideas, I have loved every class.

Today as always I came home very excited after the workshop, I love seeing the finished product ready and I appreciate every detail, color, texture and form. Here are some other tips on ceramics “Pottery Class, Textures”

Monday Morning Pottery

Moving so far from home has been challenging and exciting at the same time. I love to use my time to share some of the things I learned during the process. I hope that you can share your experiences and advice with me as well. xoxo Elba

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