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DIY: Fall Wedding Table Numbers

A few days ago I helped in a wedding of a family friend designing the signs, I was really excited about everything and of course, about being  part of that special day.

The wedding theme was inspired by the season, we called it “rustic fall”. The invitations, decoration, food, cake and many more things were inspired by the event theme.

Not to miss any detail we decided to make the table numbers in the same way using elements and colors of the season. What better idea than the autumn leaves!

Fall Wedding Table Numbers

Numbers and more numbers

Many times we do not give importance to the small while planning an event, but they are really important. The setting and the combination of all the elements creates the unique essence of this special day you have always dreamed.

Look at these table numbers, they’re divine!.

I love the curves and movement of the numbers and the pressed leaves, both of them combined perfectly with all the decoration.

Fall Wedding Table Numbers

Choosing the type of leaves for the table numbers was very simple,  just the mix of different types of them give the perfect touch of variety and color in the design.

Fall Wedding Table Numbers

To sustain the printed numbers we found these small tree trunk slices that are really beautiful, they were the perfect complement to the atmosphere.

By dividing the paper in four the numbers were not that visible from far away, so we decided to divide the paper in two. The only problem was that the paper did not stand up straight.

Fall Wedding Table Numbers

To fix the problem: Popsicle sticks!

Fall Wedding Table Numbers

So here are the table numbers. Each one was different like the centerpieces. It was the font what unified them.

Fall Wedding Table Numbers

This is a very original idea to decorate the table numbers.

Tip. It is doesn’t have to be fall to use this style. You can use seasonal pressed leaves or flowers. For example,in the spring, collect your favorite flowers, put them into books to dry and be ready the day of your party. To make the table numbers, How many will you need?


1. Choose a  font that goes well with your theme.  For example, if your party is mininalistic perhaps a font with straight and simple lines  is the best option, if you have an eclectic or untraditional party what about irregular numbers?

2. Print two numbers per sheet (A4 size)

3. Divide the paper sheet and cut it in two parts with an exacto knife or scissors.

4. Use a hot glue gun or any other liquid glue to attach the leaves to the paper.

5. Place the table numbers in the base, if you can’t get tree trunk slices don’t worry, you can fold the paper sheet or lean it on the centerpieces.

Fall Wedding Table Numbers

Have fun in your event planning, it will be worth it! – xoxo Elba

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