Kitchen Decor: Things You Need To Know

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The kitchen is a very important space in your home, it’s where you spend time cooking, reading recipes and having special moments with your guests while you are talking and drinking a glass of wine before dinner, the kitchen must look good but above all it needs to to be functional.

If you want to transform your kitchen into a more pleasant place, don’t think you have to make big changes to get there, small details can make a huge difference in your home.

First you need to look at your kitchen the way it is normally so you can understand how things are working now, perhaps what you need is extra space for cooking or maybe you have too much space and your kitchen looks empty and cold.

Ask yourself if you really need to make a drastic transformation, if you have the time and money, then go ahead. If you don’t, you might do best improvising and making small changes to create the perfect accents for your kitchen, it will look good and work much better, not to mention, save you money.

After you take a look at your space, make a list. This will help you to create a remodeling plan and avoid unnecessary purchases and lost time. The list must contain the following:

  • What I like about my kitchen and don’t want to change.
  • What I don’t like and I can improve.
  • What I do not need anymore and I should throw or give away.

The objective of this transformation must be to organize the space, changing elements that are still useful (i.e. refurbishing old worn accessories) and adding your own style.

Transform your kitchen. “Small Details, Big Changes.”

1. Function.
Your kitchen before being cute should be functional, near the stove you should have a large space for food preparation.
Organize the kitchen so you can use the stove, the food preparation area, the refrigerator and the sink without any problems. These four elements must be connected in some way together, you shouldn’t have to walk from one place to another carrying food, chopping vegetables and cooking at the same time.
Always try to keep these areas clean and free of unnecessary items.
2. Organization.
Organize your cabinets,  buy a dish organizer. Freeing up some space in the cabinets so you can keep some of the electrical appliances that you don’t use every day off your counter, keeping this area ready to prep food and other things.
3. Painting.
Paint the walls to add color to your kitchen, use fresh tones, I like to paint in colors that remind me of vegetables or fruits, I love green, orange, red, yellow and even some blues, “turquoise”  looks really good.
3. Lighting.
Use bright white light, this lighting is ideal for cooking and work, it will be easier to find things in the drawers and reading recipes.
You can use a central chandelier in the middle of the ceiling, hanging lamps around the bar or some rope lighting above the cabinets.
An easy way to create light effects in your kitchen is using normal Christmas rope lights, place the strip of lights on the top of the cabinets, use an extension cord if you need to, and try to hide the wires as best you can.
4. Details.
Use fresh flowers or a beautiful and colorful fruit bowl to change the look of your kitchen quickly.
Flowers, fruits and plants add life and instant style to your space. Remember you can always change the pots for different holidays, use seasonal flowers and even use an elegant bowl  for special occasions.
5. Cabinets.
I love the idea of adding color to cabinets, you can completely paint them in a bright color like apple green, orange or hot pink for example, I recommend painting the walls in a neutral color to avoid overloading the space. Another fun idea if your cabinets don’t have doors is to paint the inside a fun tone and the outside in white or beige.
6. Basic Accessories.
Change some of your kitchen accessories, buy a new clock for the wall, hand towels in a different color or style, cleaning rags, door handles for the drawers and even a new fun calendar.
7. Floor.
The floor is very important in the kitchen, you can change it completely if you want, if you only want to make a small change you can paint it in another color adding some texture and style, there are special paints for concrete floors and wood.
If you are not motivated to paint the floor, buy a new rug to place under the sink, something colorful and modern, or simply what you like in the store, add style to your space.
8. Furniture.
If you have a breakfast bar or a small dining room in your kitchen you can paint the furniture in a different color or upholster the chairs with a new fabric that is closer to the new style you want. I love vinyl upholstery for the kitchen furniture because it’s really easy to clean and you can find a large variety of colors and designs.
9. Improvisations.
If you don’t have decorative bowls or flower vases do not worry, I love to recycle the funny bottles of wine or jars by using them in different sizes and filling them with small fruits like strawberries, some flowers or different kinds of candy, you can create a nice edible accessory.
10. Curtains.
Take advantage of the natural light that your windows bring into your kitchen, if you need privacy try to use light semi-transparent curtains. The more natural light that you can use during the day will save a lot of energy, when the electricity bill comes you will be grateful for your effort.

Clean and organize the space before you start making changes, that will help you see the space in a different way and get rid of all those things you no longer use and even all that old food that you need to throw away.

Be guided by your tastes and interests and bring your personality into the space, look for images online, inspiration in magazines or in the homes of friends, all this will help you to understand your tastes and find your own style.

You can use one of the tips, two, three or all, the best thing is that in decoration and design you will always be right, each of our homes has a way of being and functioning depending on our activities and tastes.

Tell me your tips and decorating tricks below!

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