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DIY: Turn PVC Pipes into Tree Running on the Walls

This artificial tree is actually a PVC pipe running through the interior of a house. The laundry room was converted into a study room and we tried to improve the space the best that we could. The most annoying thing is that there were many unused pipes running on the walls.

Instead of getting rid of them we decided to use them as part of the decoration, hence the idea of turning the PVC pipes into trees running on the walls. It was my mom’s idea, she always has great tips.

Turn PVC Pipes Into Tree Running On The Walls

The material we used is chocolate brown felt and artificial bamboo leaves.

The felt should be cut into long thin strips and wrapped around the pipes you want to cover, little by little.

Using hot glue attach artificial leaves in some places to make it look more like a tree.

The pipes are not annoying and ugly now.

Later we painted one of the walls in a green leaf tone and put some natural plants around the space. The laundry room transformed into a reading and study area kind of a jungle, very natural!.

Warning! It is recommended that you don’t cover electrical wires, it could cause a fire.

Enjoy! – xoxo Elba

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