DIY: Decorating With Books

Use books in your decor, their colors and textures can match your decorative accessories or be a contrast to your walls and furniture.

Most books can be aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the variety cover art and design, books aren’t just for reading anymore, they can be used as a real statement to accentuate our style.

Here are some ways to organize them so you can create a different and interesting look:

  • Vertical. It’s the most common way to accommodate books and is ideal for those who you read frequently, and want to have access to their books easily.
  • Horizontal. You can create a pyramid effect placing books of various sizes large to small or put them in a corner like stairs.
  • Horizontal and vertical (combined in the same space) A few books vertically stacked in the left corner and others lying flat on the right corner can create a dynamic look.
  • By Color. The same color in different tones.
  • Contrast. Organize books into groups of different colors and create fun contrasts like purple and yellow, blue and red or white and black.
  • Combined with your decor. Use books that complement the color of your decorative accessories. For example, what color are your curtains?
  • Content. By topic and content.
  • Size. From the smallest to largest or viceversa.
You can combine different styles and also add interesting details like colorful vases, paperweights, plates, candles, picture frames, or unusual things like calendars, clocks, lamps and seasonal decoration.
You don’t have to use bookshelves, you can do other things with books:
  • Create a reading area. You can put some books in windows and a lamp and turn a living room corner into a perfect reading and coffee area.
  • Nightstand. A few books on a chair are perfect for creating a unique bedside table.
  • Decorative table beside the sofa. Use your big books lying horizontally to create a functional table beside the sofa, maybe you can’t put some things on it but if you add a flower-pot and a family picture  it’ll look great,
  • As a stand. You can use books to create flat base, creating various heights and adding color to a boring space.
  • Centerpieces. You can also use them as a centerpiece with a scented candle, a small vase or a bowl on top.
The appearance of the book will help you create different atmospheres and styles.
  • Books with an antique look and a thick cover can be the perfect complement to your romantic decor.

  • Maybe you prefer a modern book full of pictures to add a little color to your minimalist living room.

Have you done anything cool with books lately?

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