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DIY: Bead Strips for Curtains

DIY: Bead Strips For Curtains
I love wooden beads, I really love them in jewelry, crafts and I think they look great in decor as well.

Making strips of beading is very easy, you just need some thread and stones. When you don’t have many of them you can use ribbons and tie knots between each bead.

They are perfect for adding a fun detail to curtain borders.

There are thousands of choices, it depends on your style, I recommend:

  • For elegant spaces, crystal stones.
  • Casual. Colorful Wooden beads.
  • Natural. wood tone beads.

Tip. Use a tone that contrasts with the color of your walls and /or matches your accesories.

The strips don’t have to be very large, a few at each corner are beautiful and can reach the floor or simply measure about 20 inches.

Placing. You need to tie or wrap the strips to the curtain rod depending how your curtains close.

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  1. It is usually difficult to find the correct curtain for your home. Me as well as my hubby recently chose to put up drapes in the master bedroom and it took us quite a while to agree on the type as well as shade. lol.

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