Don’t Throw Away your Christmas Tree


Have you ever felt like not buying the Christmas tree  this year, but you felt guilty not doing it?

I often want to use something different instead of the typical green Christmas tree. A couple years ago my mom didn’t throw away the Christmas tree for some reason, it ended up drying out all year in our storage shed. The next year when Christmas rolled around we almost bought a new one, then remembering that old dried out tree in our shed, we resisted the temptation. Upon further inspection the tree was needlessness and perfectly dry. We painted it with white spray paint and decorated it with lime green and turquoise ribbons and ornaments and added some fake spray snow, believe it or not, it really looked divine.

If you are seriously considering not buying Christmas tree this year don’t feel guilty about not doing it, from time to time changing an old tradition and doing something different can be a fun and interesting way to put a modern spin on what is a traditionally rustic design.

I love dry branches because they are easy to combine with all different styles and natural looks. If you still want to buy a Christmas tree you can use dry branches to decorate other areas of the house, that sounds perfect too!

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  1. Ziba says:

    Oli and I got a real Christmas tree this year! And now I feel to sad to say goodbye to it. It seems cruel doesn’t it? Cutting down a living growing tree, using it for a month and then just kicking it to the curb. But unfortunately we don’t have a garage to keep it until next Christmas. So what to do with it… hmm… any ideas?

    • I’m feeling sad of saying goodbye to our Christmas tree too, we don’t have a garage either. I am keeping mine on the balcony for a couple of days and see what creative idea comes to my mind (I’ll let you know) I just have the feeling that there is nothing I can do with it. What a shame, I know. They look really cool all dry and spray painted.

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