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DIY: Clothespin Guest Book

There are a lot of great guest book ideas for weddings or birthdays, I like it when you can frame them and can hang them up so you can see them all the time.

You can make your own guest book, it’s really easy! and instead of an actual book, why not use a foam board and hang it with clothes pins!

DIY: Clothes Pin Guest Book

How do you make a hanging guest book?

You need:

  • Foamboard
  • Small Pictures
  • Fishing line
  • Clothes pins
  • Scissors
  • Glue
To make the guest book:
Foamboard is great for this because it is lightweight, easy to cut, ideal for framing and not paper thin so it will last.
  1. You can start cutting the foamboard, keep in mind you might want to cut it in a standard frame size, not too small so you can leave white space for  the signatures.
  2. Print pictures to decorate. You can print photo-stickers or simply use glue stick.
Hanging the foamboard:

  1. Hang fishing line from wall to wall or from the ceiling.
  2. Place some clothes pins on the line, or tie them to the end.
  3. Pin the foamboard with clothes pins. You can use two or four clips per foamboard.
  • You can make one or more guest book in different sizes so they look like hanging clothes.
  • I like to use transparent fishing line because they seem to be floating but you can use any other type of colored thread, yarn or jute for example.
  • You can use black color foamboard and a silver or gold pen.
Remember! Do not forget the pen! – xo Elba

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