Packing Tips

Cleaning my room when I was younger always sounded tired and stressful, especially those days when my dad came to check each room to see if I hid some of the stuff under the bed. Packing bags for me is like cleaning my room when I was 15, I know it must be done but the very thought of it makes me cringe, I’m always worried about the time it will take to choose the things I need and not forget the essentials.

A few weeks ago we went to Disney World, we wanted to pack a small suitcase but we didn’t want to check anything, although it seems easy, it’s harder than it looks, especially with all the annoying security and rules. Then again on Sunday I had to pack a huge suitcase to visit my family in Mexico, since our plan is to stay a month it was difficult to decide what to bring, essentials, fancy clothes, casual clothes, gifts and all the other little things that keep me sane throughout the day, sounds pretty stressful to me!

It doesn’t matter if I am traveling just for a few days or a few weeks, packing always seems difficult.

Here’s a short list of some things that have helped me pack in the past:

1. Choose the bag first, how long is your trip? Are you checking a bag?

2. Make a simple plan for each day so you know more or less the activities you will be doing. For longer trips just try to think about where you will be and what type of situations you will be in. Will it be mostly casual or more formal? Will you need to do laundry?

3. List everyday things like shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, perfume, clothes, shoes, makeup, hair products, bags, etc. What can you not live without?  What isn’t really necessary?

4.Read about the place where you are going, check the weather and plan appropriately. Just because you are going to the beach doesn’t mean it can’t rain, and it may be winter but you never know when you need a t-shirt.

5. Organize a folder with all the important papers such as passports, visas and flight confirmations before your trip. Make copies of everything, you can take one copy in your personal bag and the other in your suitcase just in case.

6. Fold clothes and lay them on the bed so you can see how much space you need. You never know, you might not need to check a bag, and these days that could save you $25.

7. Underwear, socks and other seasonal items like scarves and belts can be packed into smaller bags, these can be regular grocery store bags, and then organized in your suitcase. This will not only help you find things but can help you to reduce space. Have you ever not been able to find the other one of your favorite pair of socks?

8. Packing makeup and toiletries a day before traveling can help to remind you about what you have forgotten. When you wake up and get ready to leave the day of your trip if you have to use anything that is not in your suitcase you are probably forgetting something.

9. If you’re only traveling for a few days buy small bottles of your favorite products or buy small bottles and fill them with shampoo, conditioner, lotions and other things. Remember if it’s less than 3oz you can take it in your carry on luggage. Seriously who actually enjoys baggage claim? If you do please comment below and tell us why.

10. Buy a luggage scale, honestly you can find one for less than $10 and it will save you lots of time and money. Nobody likes to be the person in line at checking unpacking because your bag is one pound overweight.

11. If you pack a lot of  jewelry you can take it with you in your personal bag, don’t check it you will save some weight and protect it from whatever else happens from the time you check it and the time it magically arrives at your destination. You can do the same with shoes and heavy jackets.

Have a nice trip!!! xoxo Elba


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