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DIY: How to Decorate a Mirror with Tile

A while back I bought an ugly mirror with an aluminum frame, it has served it’s purpose of making me look good for a while now, but lately I’ve realized I just can’t stand looking at this mirror anymore, should I throw it out? Or could I… pimp my mirror?

Regular border tiles in bathrooms and kitchens can be use to create a mirror frame that matches your area.

The small type of tiles that are used to make shapes are perfect for this project because they come in different sizes and you can choose the ones you need depending on the size and shape of your mirror without wasting material.

You can also break a large mosaic and use the small irregular pieces to make a frame that is a bit more abstract.

If you want to cut a specific shape you can use ceramic cutter pliers that you can find in most hardware stores.

Tip: If you want to do a mosiac with broken tile pieces place the tile in a plastic bag or cloth and hit it with a hammer to prevent parts from flying.

 This is a border made ​​of small tiles, you could do something similar, squares and rectangles are easy to use to create different designs, but you can use irregular tiles as well.


1. Find the tile you want to use and calculate the amount of pieces you will need depending on the size of your mirror.

Tip: Try placing the tiles on the mirror in different designs before gluing anything.

2. Paste one by one the pieces of  tile, you can use any ceramic adhesive or transparent construction silicone.

Tip. Irregular tile pieces create organic shapes and curves. You can also make different designs if you mix colors, textures, or combine two tones in your design.

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