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DIY: Glittery Dry Branches

What can you make with dry branches, glitter and some Christmas lights other than some really shiny trash?

It seems easy to decorate when you have a good idea but figuring out what that good idea is more difficult than you’d think, then coming up with all the materials you need and how to do it. My mom and I have worked doing interior design and event decoration for several years, we often find clients that aren’t completely normal. When they ask for something different we have to imagine the idea and figure out how to do it without breaking our budget or doing something that just doesn’t look very good, I won’t lie, the actual event doesn’t take that long, all the planning is what takes time. The good news is that decorations for a party just need to last for a few hours, there’s no need to dig big holes and nail everything in place. Imagination and cheap, easy to find material is what we use to design, the trick is to make the cheap stuff look awesome without complicating what you’re doing and breaking your back over the little stuff.

We were in a similar situation a while back when a client wanted a Magical Forest theme, obviously we imagined trees and to throw some magic in there we wanted to add lights and sparkles, very glittery and enchanted. The good news was it didn’t sound to terribly difficult to do.

Do you have to decorate a party soon? Look at what we came up for the magical trees made ​​of  dry branches, glitter and Christmas lights, I love them for party decor, but honestly I fell in love with the idea so much I have them decorating our living room as well.


  • Dry natural branches
  • Golden glitter
  • White glue
  • A Paint Brush
  • Christmas lights
  • Some kind of container or structure to hold the branches



1. Select some branches and leave them in the sun to dry. You rarely need to look far for some fallen branches, and their free.

Clean them to remove dust, or the glitter won’t hold correctly and you’ll just have a funky looking dried stick.

Combinations that you can use, chocolate brown branches with golden glitter or white branches with silver glitter. You don’t have to actually find brown or white branches, paint the branches with acrylic paint and a brush, you can also use spray paint but it’s more difficult to cover every nook and also wastes a lot of material.

2, 3, 4. Mix in a bowl the glue and glitter.

5. Apply the mixture with a brush.

6. Wait 10 minutes so it can dry. Don’t worry, it will look white at first, let it dry and the glitter will come out.

It’s time to decorate the Branches!

  • Put the branches in a container or structure.
  • Add Christmas lights tangled into the branches, try not to bunch them to much.

Tip. You can hang paper flowers, Christmas ornaments, butterflies, fabric flowers, beads or anything else you come up with to add color and style.

Christmas is coming up quick, and a lot of the good trees are already gone and the ones left are getting expensive. Save some cash this year and use this as your Christmas Tree, no reason to conform to the traditional norm, be the strange one on the block and start something new, nothing wrong with branching out.

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  3. Amanda says:

    Can I ask how you got the bottom blue? Was it a plastic tub with a coloured bulb? Thanks…

    • Hello Amanda! They are some metal structures covered with white fabric and a colored bulb 😉 A plastic container with a colored bulb would give you that effect as well.

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