Does Your Bathroom Bore You?

How many times have you wanted to redecorate the bathroom but you don’t want to spend much money? I really enjoy the neutral tones in my bathroom, but sometimes I feel like doing a quick makeover, adding some color and texture without knocking down or painting any walls. One easy way to add a little life to a space I’m bored with is updating accessories.

You can find textures that go well with your bathroom for each season, floral accents for spring, sun, sand and sea for summer, falling leaves in autumn and snowflakes for winter.

If you don’t love textures you can use solid colors, some of my favorite combinations are:

  1. Spring: Orange and Pink
  2. Summer: Blue Ocean and Yellow
  3. Fall: Dark brown and Orange
  4. Winter: Gold and Purple

Using different shades of color you can create depth and interesting effects in your space, don’t limit yourself to a single tone of orange combine several of them.

Functional accessories that can be found in any bathroom such as towels, soap trays, floor mats, toilet paper holders, toothbrush holders among others, can be changed each season.

Decorative accessories tend to be cheaper and can make a big difference, things that you don’t use but look pretty like flowers, plants, scented candles, pictures, potpourri and baskets.

Five tips for a new style bathroom in a small budget.

  1. Invest in a good quality bathroom accessory set with a soap tray and a toothbrush holder in a neutral style so you can use it all year-long. Look for a set in white or black, metallic in a gold or silver tone, stone like granite and marble or natural textures such as wood or bamboo depending on your bathroom style but that you can combine with other colors too.
  2. Instead of buying fresh flowers every week use life plants in a cute pot. Choose plants that don’t require much light if your bathroom has small windows, cactus are great for bathrooms because there are very low maintenance.
  3. Put art in your bathroom, don’t change the frame, find art online and print it out or paint something yourself, you don’t need to be professional, abstract art is awesome sometimes just a couple of lines is all you need.
  4. Scented candles, potpourri, soap or a bath sponge are cheap details that you can easily change to add colors and textures.
  5. Clean and reorganize the space, changing where decorative elements are will make you feel you are in a new and different place.

What fun and interesting things have you done with your bathroom?

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