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DIY: Bamboo Forest

Holiday parties are over and it’s time to drag that Christmas tree out to the street, coil up those christmas lights and throw all those tiny houses and trains in a box for the rest of the year.

When you are taking down the Christmas tree, go ahead and check which strings of lights still work and set them aside in their own box. You would be surprised how many different things can be done with those little lights you normally leave in the back of a closet all year. There are a lot of creative things that can be done with christmas lights, I’ve done a few myself but one of my favorites is definetly combining Christmas lights and bamboo to add a wild and ethnic style to that boring corner that you just can’t figure out how to jazz up.

A bamboo forest invaded my house!

What do you need?

  • Large Pot
  • Bamboo
  • Sand or small stones
  • Christmas Lights
  • Artificial bamboo leaves (optional)
  • Hammer and nail or small drill (optional)

Leaves and bamboo (Optional)

You can start making holes using a drill or punching them with a nail and hammer in the bamboo so you can hang the artificial leaves, drill two to three holes depending on the amount of greenery you want to add.

This step is optional, you can leave the bamboo without foliage or perforations if you wish.

Filling and Organizing

1. Organize the bamboo inside the pot and fill all the spaces with stones or sand so the arrangement doesn’t move.

Tip. You can use a hollowed out tree trunk instead of a pot for a natural and rustic look. 

Christmas Lights with Style 

To add a little style and volume put some of the lights inside hollow ornaments or balls.

2. Tangle Christmas lights between the bamboo. You don’t need to use lots of lights, two strings should be plenty but you need to arrange them well and give plenty of space.

Tip. Turn on the christmas lights while you are organizing to observe all the empty spaces and add or remove if necessary.

If you want to add a little more flare you can use dried palm leaves, other types of artificial foliage, wood beads or feathers.

Perfect! A bamboo forest right in your living room. 

What other fun ideas have you come up with to get your Christmas lights out of the closet?

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