Tips to Choose The Perfect Curtains

14 Ideas that will inspire your to choose the perfect curtains for your home.

We used them for privacy, to protect us from the sun, to frame windows and in lots of other ways, everyone loves curtains; they are practical, decorative and functional there’s no doubt, no house could be a home without curtains.

It is true that nowadays we can find other  functional elements for windows as blinds in some different materials and styles but I prefer the volume and  charm that curtains offer to a space.

Here are 14 incredible spaces with different curtains styles, in different colors, heights and textures, ideas that could work well with any space:

1. Curtains can be use just as a decorative element, they look great on a big and wide wall to add a different texture to the room and you don’t need to be worried about the space looking empty. A big piece of fabric with an interesting pattern can be used as hanging “art”. stylebyemilyhenderson

2. Try vertical lines in wide windows. GrayandYellow

3. Roman style shades are an excellent option to keep the fabric off the floor and tend to have a simple and clean look. They work great in kids rooms. YoungHouseLove

4. Place 3 or more curtains in just one corner and use different textures, colors and widths, one day you can move them to one side and the next day to the other side to create a more dinamic effect in the room. createfindadmire

5. Two curtains in the same fabric but different colors, Fun!  TwoColors

6. Neutral colors looks good with everything. ZGallerie

7. In neutral walls colorful patterns work very well. Use a few colorful decorative accessories like the shades so your space looks coordinated. ColorfulPattern

8. A monochromatic color scheme creates an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. ElleDecor

9. Floral patterns create a romantic look. alifesdesign

10.  Using curtains from floor to ceiling will make your walls look higher just like the horizontal line effect. OmahTrends

11. Create a dramatic effect using bright colors on a double high wall. Keep everything else neutral. Redonline

12. The type of  fabric is important to set the mood in a room as this rustic and fresh kitchen curtain. PinkWallpaper

13. Not just patterns create texture, there are some embroider, quilts styled curtains or something like these ruffles that look so cute, perfect for a nursery and even more so in a pastel tone. ApartmentTherapy

14. You can also use curtains to visually separate spaces plus you can close them when privacy is needed. VisualEffect

What creative things have you seen done with curtains?

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