Decor with Neon Colors | DOs and DON’Ts

The other day while I was reading the book “Design Sponge at Home” I found some pictures of the designer and event planner David Stark’s home in Brooklyn, New York. I love seeing there are a lot of neon colors in his home, walls, cushions, lamps, accessories in bright colors sharing the space with natural and neutral elements. The way how his space works without becoming “too much” for the eye is absolutely amazing and inspiring.

We can find a balance using bright colors in decorating, the key is to not overload the space and counteract the impact with the simplicity. Create neutral sensations using wood, white walls, gray, earth tones and even black and smooth elements helps to balance the room.

Here are some tips to achieve a brilliant but stylish interior:

  1. Doors are great to spice up your home using colors that you had not imagined with the advantage that you can keep everything else inside  in neutral colors.
  1. If you feel adventurous and want to try dark walls as gray or navy blue, choose one neon color for accessories. Two of my favorite combinations are navy blue walls and  neon green accessories or dark gray walls and neon pink accessories.
  2. If you want to keep the walls in white,  you can use two or more neon colors in the same room and even several different patterns.
  3. Hardwood floors give a natural touch to the room and help soften the appearance of the space.
  4. To use two or more different colors on the walls, the key is to paint one of them in a bright tone and the other ones in similar shades but softer. Keeping monochrome walls create interesting  but cozy environments as picture # 4 below.
  5. White moldings and friezes looks great with bright colors walls.
  1. Curtains are an easy way to add color, texture and patterns to a space and also easy to remove when necessary. How would it look a neon color in your room? You can test it with curtains.
  2. How many bright things can you add in your space?  Depends on the size of your room.
  • You can use many small accessories to add interesting splashes of color like in picture #14 and #15. Look at the walls, all of them are one neutral color.
  • If you have a big neon element as a piece of furniture or wall color, leave them be the focus of attention and add just two or three small accessories around to coordinate the room without overwhelming the eye, like picture #11.
  1. Some interesting splashes of color that look amazing: painting inside of cabinets or drawers, using bright photos or art, cushions, lamps, vases and natural flowers.
  1. Vintage spaces go well with neon elements and even the beauty of both achieves a sophisticated, interesting and fun interior.

Do you like the idea of using bright elements in your interiors?

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