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DIY: Make A Puppy Dress In 10 Minutes

ten minutes puppy dress image

It’s been a sad couple weeks, my parents’ dog Bella died a few weeks ago :(, everyone at home miss her a lot and although I’ve been away after moving to Asheville I didn’t stop feeling sad when I heard the news.

Bella was the best dog, quiet, sweet and always very fashionable. Mom always designed new clothes for her, she had her carnival, summer, disco night and some lots of other cute outfits. When I went to Mexico to visit my family last week we all remembered the beautiful moments we spent with Bella ​​and collected clothes and other things that my mom had saved so that we could give them to our dog Kyra who lives with me in Asheville.

Setting aside the sad memories, we will always remember Bella for her style, she always had the best bows, dresses, collars and all kinds of accessories, all thanks to my mom who is very good designing and making doggy clothes. Thanks to her I’ve learned a few tricks but not as quite as amazing as what she’s comes up with.

My mom gave me this idea, I hope you like. It’s very easy to make and inexpensive.

10 minutes puppy dress


  • Pleated strech fabric (Depends on your dog’s size, I used 15 inches for Kyra)
  • Needle and thread (sewing by hand) or sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Velcro (You can also use buttons)

10 minute puppy dress image

  1. Cut the fabric so the elastic covers the torso and the rest will be used for the skirt.
  2. Sew the seams around the edges.
  3. Place Velcro or buttons only in the pleated fabric area.
  4. Punch two holes in the middle cutting lines with scissors. This will help you take out your puppy’s paws and also keep the dress from slipping.
  5. Finally, overlay and sew the bottom edges of the skirt a bit larger than other seams like the last picture above. This will keep the skirt from dragging.

Ready! A fresh and cute summer dress!

ten minutes puppy dress image

Now you can dress your puppy all alone!

ten minutes puppy dress image

My Kyra is the best 🙂 xoxo Elba

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