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Splashes of Neon Fashion Elba Valverde Moda Image

My Neon Wish List!

Wow! She looks amazing! That was my first thought when I saw a girl walking next to me wearing mini shorts and a neon yellow t-shirt at Folly Beach, SC, I really love bright colors, in decor, clothing, accessories, even makeup. Now the ugly, finding that perfect balance between looking slightly crazy and looking great is a thin line to walk, and too much neon and bright colors and you will go from fabulous to ridiculous quickly. The trick is using the right tones for your skin, then accenting those colors with bright details, like earrings, and necklaces.

I had my neon phase when I was in college, but now I really don’t do it as often as I wish, now I like to add splashes of color in my outfits with the accessories I wear, my favorite combination is pink and neon green or yellow, both  look amazing !

Taking advantage of the neon trend this spring, check out my 12 favorite neon accesories, all of them beautifly handmade which I love and you can find most of them for under $50, gotta love looking great on a budget:

ElbaValverde (One of my most sold pieces, my store is still under construction, but we’re getting there!)  /  Lovesexton /  BooandBooFactory  /  LoveObssesed   /  Knobbly  /  Makunaima  /  MakeUnique  / AlmostDone  /  PureEssentia  /   MyMomsBasement  /  iPersi  /  KarmanJewelry

I hope you find something pretty for you! xoxo Elba

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