Amanda Peet’s House, A Bohemian Dream

amanda peet house image

The other day I was reading an article in Vogue about Amanda Peet’s house, I fell in love with her home and I loved the way she described it, one of the things she said was, “I’m really scared of rooms that look too serious”. Her home is incredibly beautiful but not serious at all, she really tried to keep the spaces playful and fun. The bohemian and eclectic style add the perfect dose of warmth to her house. What I love most is the variety of textiles and colors, the mix of patterns and embroidery in the living room cushions, the fun details and the cobalt blue walls in the hallway, definitely a place to share, love and feel inspired.

amanda peet house

Image sources: (minasdecorandfashion / mimiandmeblog / elseachelsea / alifesdesign)


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