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DIY: Freshen Up Your Pillows

Pillow covers image

I’ve been wanting to change the pillows in my living room with something fresh and summery for a while now, finally I took the time this morning for my mini project, I chose one of my favorite fabrics I found on my trip to Mexico last month, I fell in love with it’s bright colors and floral pattern, it makes me feel energetic and happy! I love being able to change the look of my space with new pillows each season, how great is it to cover the pillows I already have at home, reuse them and wash them easily.

Here are the steps I use to make pillow covers, Enjoy!

1. Cut the fabric in a  rectangle about the width of the pillow. Remember to leave an extra space in each corner so you can fold them in later.

2. Sew the hem on both the shorter ends of the fabric.

3.4. Place the fabric like in picture 3 and 4 with the pattern on the outside.

5. Check the pillow size before sewing.

6. Sew the edges of the fabric, keep it folded like in Figure 4.

7. It should look like this.

8, 9. Turn the fabric.

10. Now you can cover the pillows!

11. Back.

12. Front.

Take a look at the pictures to understand the steps better. Enjoy your new pillows!!! xoxo Elba

Pillow covers image

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