Uncluttering Spaces With Coffee Tables

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When we moved into our apartment in Asheville the first thing I noticed was the lack of space in the living room and it worried me that by putting a coffee table there would make it look even smaller. The first time we saw the apartment, the old renters were still living here, they had an old wooden coffee table, very nice indeed, but when we moved in I found a coffee table in an antique shop, I redesigned it a bit because I didn’t love it’s color and it was slightly damaged, I used spray paint in a “caramel latte” tone and it ended up looking great, the best thing about it was the glass top and the tubular structure made it look very light. When we put the new table in the room the change was dramatic compared with the other wooden table that was before.

Transparent glass and acrylic tables make spaces look less cluttered and bigger, mirrored tables work great as well, the reflection makes it seem like there’s twice as much space in the room! If you have a small living room using transparent coffee tables is an excellent idea so you don’t need to limit the amount of furniture you have. I couldn’t live without a coffee table, I can put stuff on it, under it, they are really functional. Also if you have a great patterned rug this is the best way to not lose an inch of it since you can see it through the table!

Some of my favorite tables and stores:

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  1. Acrylic Table with Glass, Coffee Table $899 – Wisteria
  2. Almar Coffee Table $730 – Blackbird
  3. Awesome DIY – Home Depot
  4. Smart Glass Top Cofee Table $199 – Cb2
  5. Paxton Coffee Table $1,099 – Horchow
  6. Amelie Mirrored Coffee Table $569 – Horchow

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  1. tea says:

    Dear Blog,
    Neat Post, A coffee table is meant to be a dominant piece. Even if it’s little, it’s by the nature of its positioning a prominent element inside the room. It acts because the field across which all social interaction happens. It’s the placeholder, the center, acting virtually like a spine, that enables the rest of the environment to solve about it.

  2. Lu says:

    Love this Elba. Finally on facebook and finding great ideas from my wonderful daughter n law

  3. Jenny says:

    Love these glass coffee tables. They are seriously beautiful and I think would work in many different living room styles.

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