DIY: Pirates Of The Caribbean Nail Polish

vintage nails tutorial image

Hey! Memorial Day is almost here and to celebrate I decided to paint my nails in blue and white and for some reason I ended up doing something completely different, the result was a kind of vintage style blue almost similar to the effect of the Pirates of the Caribbean nail polish.The best thing is that it wasn’t difficult, you can try with other colors, pink and gold would be great!


  • White enamel
  • Semi-transparent blue enamel nail polish
  • Nail file
vintage nails tutorial

Vintage nails tutorial image

  1. Paint your nails white, I use the NYC brand.
  2. After it dries, use the nail file to scrape lines.
  3. They’ll look a little funky at first and feel rough but don’t worry, the other color will add some shine and make your nails feel smooth and soft, I use the tone Sturdy Sapphire from Sally Hansen.
  4.  All done!

Vintage nails tutorial image

If you try with other colors I would love to see how turn out, I hope you have a great day!

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