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DIY: Colorful Pop Art Silhouettes + Shop Update

We have new photos in the store for every product! In a crazy moment I had the brilliant idea of ​​making these new displays myself. I bought wood and some paint, and drew a silhouette then painted the rest black, What do you think? Originally I just thought of them for the store, but honestly they look great in my living room, they have a kind of pop art modern thing going on. Forgetting about why I made them in the first place, you could definitely use this idea to do something similar using colors that match your space, you can draw your own silhouette or create some other fun shape. Check out the store too, I’m so excited about the product images!

diseño siluetas elba valverde

…Pop art?

Earrings elba valverde

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  1. rosa elvira frias says:

    muy original y facil de hacer…lo voy a poner en practica

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