Patterns And Colors On Vogue Summer

Emma Stone Vogue July 2012

Emma Stone looks beautiful in her cover debut on Vogue this July. I love her since I watched Superbad a few years ago, and also in The Rocker, Zombieland, Easy A and Ghost of Girlfriend Past, just to mention some movies that I love. Her personality is amazing,  a combination of freshness, sweetness and a funny character.

I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite photos this month. I love the combination of patterns, colors and lots of fun.

Emma Stone Vogue July 2012 Image

I fell in love with this next photo, Prada silk and wool hexagon print jacket and pants, the shoes are simply divine.

Emma Stone Vogue July 2012 Image

Another thing I loved was the photoshoot of Karlie Kloss “Brazilian Treatment” by Mario Testino, celebrating the air of spa and sun that fit perfectly this summer. The colors in the landscapes are beautiful. Getting to know a bit of a culture through a photograph is simply fascinating!

Brazilian Treatment Karlie Koss Image

*Photos credit. Vogue.EmmaStone / Vogue.BrazilianTreatment


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