Fun Looking Stairs

colorful stairs image

Many times we love a decorating idea but we know deep down that it is not going to look quite as pretty in our house as in our head. I had that feeling with a colorful staircase, they look awesome, fun and artsy, but I would definitely think twice before getting out the paint brush to color my stairs. I love seeing them in other people houses and I love the inspiration for an outdoor or commercial space. Like these are awesome with the dripping paint effect,  it would look awesome in a boutique or some other place where they can be appreciated from far away.

colorful stairs image

The ombre effect looks great too. With just a bit of color and some white to contrast or mix, you can make lots and lots of combinations and tones to create something truely incredible like this:

colorful stairs image

Less bright and kind of vintage tones create a less drastic effect.

colorful stairs image

Using a stencil can add some texture, but if you don’t have hours to texture your walls, wallpaper, a few different styles and colors would make some super fun looking stairs.

colorful stairs image

These stairs are full of personality, style, and would definitely spice up any space. I hope you enjoy them too, have you seen any spaces with some crazy looking stairs?

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  1. Megan Hinson says:

    Its my first time seeing this cool and lively designed stairs, my favorite is the one with dripping paint effect so creative.

  2. Love these!!! Definitely the ultimate DIY project. 🙂

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