Magic Purple

purple moroccan walls image

I love Moroccan accessories, they look great with grape tone walls, I would definitely digg the idea for a kids room or a reading room or relaxation area. Purple walls work great with gray, white, cream or light wood accessories, everything neutral. For some reason the color reminds me of my high school, all those purple pens with glitter and the Powerpuff Girls, I know, I know, please do not judge me for being childish in high school, I have two younger brothers and a sister and somehow I always know about the new cartoons lol. The point is that somehow purple has some magic and mystic feeling. It can be very intense, but with contrasting and soft elements the walls effect can look amazing.

This soft tone with a little gray is my favorite choice for a bedroom or other space that I would not want to fill with a strong tone. I love the feeling of calm and the vintage items. Got a purple wall? how is the color work in your space?

Purple Walls image

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