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DIY: Wall Art On A Budget

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Last month I went to Mexico city to visit my sister and brother and help them to decorate their new place. Decorating a space for students can be fun but also very frustrating, the priority was to buy some furniture and then do something creative to fill out the walls look without spending to much, or to be honest, almost nothing.

My sister is a fashion designer and my brother just got into architecture school, both are creative and for the same reason, both have their well-defined styles. So besides something cheap we also needed something neutral that both could enjoy.

Walking through a local market we found these black and white photographs that we love, the perfect idea to fill the living room walls, 12 photos for 10 bucks, great deal! Picture frames are not so cheap so we went to the paper store and found some thick black paper that in the end worked perfect with the photos.

students apartment image

1. Black and white photographs, sheet size. You can find your some of your favorite artists on the internet and print them in black and white photographic paper.
2. Thick black paper
3. Exacto knife or scissors
4. ruler
5. glue

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Prepare the black and white photographs.
Measure and cut the paper. I left an extra 1.5 inches on eachside.
Glue the pictures on the paper and make a hole in the middle so you can hang them on the wall. I used a nail to punch the hole in the paper.

You are ready to enjoy! An easy and affordable idea that looks great.

Tip. We added some black and white patterned cushions that combine well and add texture to the room.

students apartment image

I hope you enjoy! xoxo Elba

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