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A Corner of My Little Sister’s Workspace

Workspace decor image

My little sister celebrated her birthday this week and I thought it would be a good time to share her workspace. When I went to Mexico city last July I help her pack and move to a new apartment and decorate her new place a bit. It was kind of an adventure, creating a space with people you love. My younger brother also moved in with her, the three of us spent a great week unpacking boxes, cleaning and eating pizzas in the afternoon.
Walking around the city we found some interesting things for the walls, those mini hangers helped us to organize some of my sisters favorite necklaces.They look so adorable that I did the same thing in my house using normal size hangers.

Workspace decor image
We had fun with the details, the flower pattern in the curtains gave the space a feminine touch. We also gave the stuffed animal punk dog  a little makeover using pins. The fabric and ceramic flowers are easy to maintain and give a romantic air to the space. We hung some of her schoolwork on the wall to help the space look a little cuter because she is quite the talented artist.

Workspace decor image
Its a simple student corner but feminine and fun with a big trunk where she can hide the disaster of fabric and thread that she used to leave on the floor when she felt lazy, which she apparently feels quite a lot!.

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