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DIY: Colorful Wooden Frames

Frames DIY Image

One of the things I have been wanting to do for a while was to frame some black and white photos I already have around the house. I wanted to paint the frames in different colors to make my wall a bit more colorful and I love it! they kind of match my flowery pillows and some other pink and blue knick knacks I have around the house.

Frames DIY Image

What you need:

  • Wooden frames. I found three in a yard sale near to my house, although they are in different sizes and even kind of wood, the variety of colors and styles looks really cute on the wall.
  • Sandpaper. I always sand wood before painting to remove any previous finish.
  • Photographs
  • Brushes
  • Paint. Some samples of wall paint I found in Home Depot worked perfectly for this project, since the paint is thicker, two layer were more than enough.

Sand the frames, paint, frame the photos and enjoy!

I had a great time making these colorful frames . Hope you like it! xoxo Elba

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