Finding the Perfect Kitchen Tiles

kitchen Tiles Image

Finding a perfect tile style for the kitchen is in my opinion one of the most difficult decisions when remodeling a home. It’s stressful because there are so many choices of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes and each one looks so different when its finally laid out and combined with all the furniture and accessories.

These are some of my favorites:

1. I love the texture in this design, it look like a bunch of coins. Remodelista

2. Same shape, same color, different tones. Ecabonline

3. White rectangles. I would choose this one. Overstock

4. This design looks great with silver accessories. Bhg

5. Honeycomb and white accessories. HomeDepot

6. Glossy finishes look lovely in that shade of green. Bhg

7. Blue squares, shiny! Diynetwork

In my kitchen I’d  choose something in white or gray, like the number three, it would look fantastic with my apliances that for some reason I have in all different colors.  What about you? I would love to hear some of your tips.


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