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kids wallpaper image

Doodles are allowed! One of my dreams as a child was to doodle all over the walls with my crayons, if I had I’m sure I would have been in a bit of trouble haha. So when I found these wallpapers that look like doodles I fell in love. The fact that they are black and white is great because kids can actually color them or play with the colors in the room.

Those kids drawings look so cute inside the frames, I would even add some family photos there. Another of my favorites are the shapes, animals and this city where I would love to play I Spy all day long. Do you have a favorite?

kids wallpaper image

*Photos. 1. StaceyShepard 2. Grahambrown 3.Ohhappyday 4. Aparthmenttherapy – Number-nineteen


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  1. Nowadays most of the time kids use smart gadgets si it will be a great way to motivate them or trying to teach something through the wallpaper by setting a meaningful wallpaper on the gadget. It will effect their mind more than manual teaching.

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