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Colors, colors, and more colors + cute things for a colorful rainbow party. No color combination can be wrong when your party theme is a rainbow. One of my favorite things at a party are the desserts, not just because they’re yummy, but I love how you can incorporate desserts into the theme. A  cake can be layered flavors with all kinds of different colors, or personal desserts can be colorful macarons or cupcakes that look lovely laid out on a table.

The cute popcorn packaging and stickers in the soda bottles are great ideas to add a special touch.

Rainbow Party Image

I found these fun party supplies, the favor cones and piñata are so adorable and the decorative garland is my favorite piece and you can find it on etsy, I found some great party decorations on etsy that I would love to use to decorate my house.

1. Rainbow Donkey Pinata  – PartySupplies

2. Multi Color Star Wire Garland  – PartySupplies

3. Rainbow Favor Cones – OrientalTrading

4. Jewel-tone Rainbow Tassel Garland – Etsy

5. Napkins – OrientalTrading

Wall or ceiling decorations can be balloons, paper strips, paper flowers, chinese lanterns, ribbons and almost any other colorful material. Placemats, napkins, plates and cups are some other details you can use to accentuate your theme. Get inspired with these amazing ideas!

Rainbow party Image

Check out my paper flowers and punched paper tutorials. Hope you enjoy!

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